I thought I’d just put up a random series of pictures of me stealthing over the past year or so (some more successfully than others). The two red dresses hide the silhouette a lot more than the black one where i used a belt. Also the pictures in the red dresses are older so I was at a significantly smaller reduction in my Josephine than in my Mystic City. Anyway I hope this is helpful for anyone interested in more dressy stealthing options :) (please excuse the cleavage in the black dress, I was wearing the wrong sized bra and it kept slipping down my corset)

Do you ever take commissions or do alterations? If so, what would you charge for hip gussets?

Hi, I think at this stage I’m not really advanced enough in my sewing to be charging people for work, maybe in a few years when I’ve had a lot more practice and am less busy with university. I’ve tried adding hip gores before and they were pretty tricky honestly. I hope you find someone who can help you though :) 

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been on holidays but thought I’d share a picture of this mock up i made for a corset I’m hoping to sew in the near future. I did it in kind of a rush so its quite messy and wrinkly and the first photo makes it look pretty uneven but I think that may just be the angle. I’ll probably make some changes to a few measurements ( more waist reduction because I could close this mock up easily)  but in general I’m happy with the shape I think :) I’m still tossing up between blue or pink for the final version though. 

Does anyone remember that purple overbust i was trying to make? no? well regardless I finally finished it :)

Now that I’m on holidays I’ll hopefully have the chance to finish off a lot of projects like this one. As my first overbust I’m pretty happy with it in most aspects (obviously there are still a lot of issues) but I’ve decided for my next few to stick to underbusts because they’re so much more practical. 

Compared to my other corsets this feels like almost no reduction (I cant actually remember what it was suppose to measure originally it was so long ago)

I’m tempted to wear this to the medieval fair on saturday even though its not really medievally, but it seems like as good an excuse as any. 

Where do your organs go? Isn't that bad for your spine and pretty much everything else?

Hi, actually that is a myth and in fact keeping a good posture (which corsets can help with) can be beneficial for your spine in certain circumstances. If your interested in how corsets may affect your organs I’ll refer you to this lovely video by Lucy of Lucys corsetry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak_Qu82JQj0 which should answer your question :) 

short answer: the body is an amazing thing and is far more resilient than you might give it credit for. 

My new  corset arrived! Its a second hand bebe corset from heavenly corsets which by chance had very similar horizontal measurements to my existing corset but was just a heap shorter. Common sense seems to be that it wouldnt need as much seasoning as it was already broken in by its previous owner, but I’m a pretty cautious person so I think I’ll do it anyway. I definitely feel like I could close it more, in these pictures its at about 27 and a half inches. I was expecting to have to change all the bones to spirals, but these flats are so flexible I dont think I will now. Really surprised by the great condition its in, the previous owner looks to have taken really good care of it :) My one concern is that there bones on either side of the grommets arnt very close together (see the second photo) so I’ll just have to see how that goes. If anyone has any advice on seasoning a second hand corset, let me know :) 

Today I get to add a new corset to my collection *dances about* I’m mostly excited but a little nervous too, ordering online can be such a gamble and this one is going to be a lot shorter than any I have owned before. If all goes well I should have some photos tomorrow to show :) 

So this morning, I measured myself (Its been a few weeks since I last did) and it turns out I only have 1.5 inches left before I close my 21 inch corset :D I expect that 1.5 inches may take a while though, but I’m just enjoying the process as always. 

More outfits! :) they may not look exciting in photos, but walking around my tiny campus where everyone wears tracksuits 24/7 I definitely feel colourful 

I thought I’d do a few corset-stealthing outfit of the days just for fun :) Literally almost all my clothes are from op shops including everything in this photo. sorry about the messy room/smudged mirror, im lazy :P